legislative & regulatory monitoring

We regularly monitor, identify and prioritize legislative and regulatory challenges and opportunities on behalf of our clients, drawing upon political and legal expertise, and our extensive network of relationships.

political advocacy

We have developed strong, bi-partisan working relationships across the Legislature, and have strong ties with high level Administrative officials, agency heads and secretaries and leaders throughout the state. We dive into the weeds of policy, work with technical experts, and pride ourselves on learning subject matter quickly.

procurement and public-private partnerships

We have extensive experience assisting clients on public-private partnerships opportunities. Our team is adept at monitoring, identifying and assessing prospective partnership opportunities, and facilitating engagement efforts.

Strategic counsel

We are often retained to forecast the political climate in California, with an emphasis on identifying key players and stakeholders and assessing the political viability of prospective public policy objectives. Additionally, we frequently work with clients interested in establishing or enhancing their brand before California policymakers.