Since our inception, Sacramento Advocates, Inc. has represented an extraordinary group of clients.  Our broad and diverse clientele brings our principal advocates regularly before virtually every committee of the Legislature and a wide variety of state boards, departments and agencies. Having spent decades in the State Legislature as both elected officials and top staff, our principal advocates have developed contacts with virtually all legislators and their staffs, as well as the Governor’s Office and the executive branch departments.  With term limits, the relationship building and interaction is a continuous part of our function. Our relationships are personal and professional and focus on mutual cooperation to solve problems.  This approach has resulted in credibility and respect among legislators, their staffs and executive branch representatives. 

Sacramento Advocates, Inc. provides a full range of services.  Our staff takes legislation from concept to law, writing legislation to satisfy the needs of our clients and providing key testimony leading to its passage.  We monitor legislation, issue reports, and intervene to change legislation that may have a negative impact on our clients.

There are many outstanding lobbying firms in Sacramento.  We are proud of our work ethic, accessibility and record of repeated successes on behalf of our clients. On our site is a current list of clients served by Sacramento Advocates, Inc. We encourage any prospective client to contact current or former clients for recommendations.  We hope you will give us serious consideration as you contemplate your state government needs.




Barry S. Brokaw, President.   Prior to embarking on a lobbying career in 1993, Mr. Brokaw served for 19 years in the California State Capitol as a chief of staff for a top Democratic lawmaker, and as a legislative consultant for key fiscal and policy committees in the Senate and Assembly. The California Political Almanac called Mr. Brokaw "one of the savviest operators inside the [State Capitol] building."  Among his clients are the Nation’s largest computer software, retail and food products companies; a major California Indian Tribe; California's largest land development company; and he also has clients engaged in transportation; refining; financial services, local government; health care and the entertainment industry.

Donne Brownsey, Senior Vice-President, joined the firm as partner in 2004 after merging the lobbying firm she had headed since 1993 with Sacramento Advocates, Inc. Ms. Brownsey was one of the first women at the State Capitol to establish a lobbying business. A trained mediator and attorney, she represents numerous clients focusing on health care and legal issues, including the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, environmental health advocates, alternative dispute resolution providers, adoption lawyers and solar industry manufactures. Prior to embarking upon her lobbying career, she was the Chief Legislative Consultant to the California Senate Leader for over ten years. 

Cassie Gilson, Gilson Government Strategies, Cassie Gilson, a registered lobbyist and lawyer, is principal of Gilson Government Strategies, with whom we have formed a strategic alliance.   Cassie has worked at the highest levels in government, having served as Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Gray Davis and on the legal staff of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in The White House.  A graduate of Stanford Law School, Cassie practiced environmental and land use law prior to becoming a full time lobbyist. Cassie’s clients include energy, alternative transportation, land development, consumer products, and healthcare interests.

Noelle Moon our office manager and April Pletsch provide experienced and knowledgeable office support for our advocates and clients.



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